Consultation forms are now available in resources on the Hero app

Delivery advice

Where your order is coming from

Orders placed in the Hero shop are fulfilled from various locations which means that sometimes you'll need to pay more than one delivery charge. You can check the charge for each location below. 

Dermalogica £7.00 UPS - 3-5 working days
Theragun Free DHL - 5-10 working days
Urban Apparel and branded items Free Various - 5-23 business days


Sharing your details with the brand

As some of our orders are fulfilled by the brands themselves, we will occasionally need to share your name, address, email and telephone number with the brand so that they're able to fulfil your order. 

What to do if an item is missing

Occasionally your order will be fulfilled form multiple locations, so there may be instances when things arrive separately. In this instance you’ll have received multiple shipping confirmation emails so please check the shipping confirmation emails before contacting customer support about missing items.