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Bodibuddi Comfort Pillow
Bodibuddi Comfort Pillow
Bodibuddi Comfort Pillow

Bodibuddi Comfort Pillow

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Our version of the Japanese Hugging Pillow, moulds around your body, offering specific lumbar support.

Great as a sports recovery or support pillow for side lying treatments such as massage.

Relieves back pain and hip discomfort whilst in side lying sleep position.

Muscle recovery from exercise.

Moulds to your body shape.

Long enough to curl around at night.

This long body cushion can be used by everyone in the family.

This full-flex lumbar support cushion allows you to sleep in the recovery position with full support relieving tension and pressure on the lower spine.

Unlike traditional microfibre fillings, the microbeads provide a firm yet mouldable support cushion. The cushion has a zip allowing the filling to be topped up or replaced if required.

NOTE: Excludes the recommended washable pillow wrap (sold separately.) Urban pro's qualify for a Free grey polycotton wrap with velcro ties.

Regular Size: 130-135cm x 54 cm girth.